Supply List

Hi! Here’s the supplies needed for Camp Whiz Kid



*White paper
*Colored markers
Social Skills:NONE
Drama Club:NONE
STEM:*Shoe box
*green felt or paper
*toy animals or paper pictures of farm animals
Painting:This week we will be painting a rooster with their hand print; this painting will take the entire class period to complete and we want all the students to have enough time to enjoy the process and finish the picture. Please set up the area and have all supplies ready and accessible before the class period starts.

*Mixed Media paper or thick white paper or a canvas (whatever they would like to paint their picture on)
*Cup of water
*2 Paint brushes: 
*1 wide, larger brush to paint hand
*1 small/medium, thin brush for details
*Paint palette: could use a paper plate
*Wet napkin or paper towel to clean hand (or access to sink to wash hand off to continue painting, anything to clean their 1 hand after making a handprint)
*Child safe acrylic paint or finger paint – Colors:
Nature:None this Week
Movement:-Beach towel or a full size bath towel
Music:*2 paper plates
*dried beans or pasta, 
*Stapler and staples, 
*Markers and stickers to decorate
Around the World:None this week